2019 Bootblack Judges


Lucky Rebel

International Mr Bootblack 2018
Head Judge

International Mr. Bootblack 2018, Lucky Rebel, is originally from San Diego, California. Growing up in a motorcycle family, he developed an interest in leather early. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he served as Mr. Oregon State Leather, 2016. When he’s not actively working on dismantling white supremacy, tearing down the patriarchy, and smashing the status quo, you can find him hustling his handmade leather care products, “Rebel Rubs and Suds.” He is proud to be an Onyx Northwest Brother and uses his influence to promote the concept that “Representation Matters.”



International Mr Bootblack 2017

Pawlish, International Mr. Bootblack 2017, is passionate about learning and mentorship—fostered by his years at a particularly “fruity” company. After 18 moves across 3 continents, what he’s learned is to stay hungry, and working in IT for an Bay Area startup fits that bill… for now. That hunger also persists when it comes to Leather & kink, where he loves discussing social impact and challenging others’ perspectives. He’s found resonance with puppy play, bootblacking, and Sir/Daddy roles. Navy, red, and houndstooth, all on the left, are his favorite hankies, but don’t be afraid to ask about others! You can find him wagging away while putting a shine to a boot, snacking on whatever he’s recently baked. Pawlish is Sir to Pup.Gadget and lives in Cincinnati with his husband, Bamm-Bamm.



Community Judge

Marlene Hoeber is board president of The Center for Sex and Culture, a long-time member of various leather communities, a queer history nerd, and somebody’s mom. In 1991, she co-founded a college campus-based student leather organization and began her life-long love of making information about sexuality available to people who need it. For Marlene, sexual liberation is integral to her notions of revolutionary politics, coming close to the need to keep people fed and clothed and housed. She loves to tinker with things (both literally and metaphorically) and makes her living as an engineer, designing and building laboratory equipment for scientists. Feed her a couple of drinks in the right company, and you can get her Philadelphia accent to come back as strong as it was when she was a kid.